Michelle’s Horses cel mai modern club de echitatie va asteapta!

Infiintat in toamna anului 2010, dupa doar un an de constructii intr-o moderna baza ecvestra, Michelle’s Horses se doreste a fi un loc unde iubitorii de cai pot veni sa se relaxeze, sa se plimbe calare pe camp sau prin padure, sa invete sa calareasca , sau doar sa priveasca pe altii, savurand o ceasca de cafea aromata, sau – pur si simplu – ascultand muzica.

Atăt Clubul Michelle’s Horses, căt şi baza hipică în care acesta îşi desfăşoara activitatea, aparţin domnului Mavru Sorin, care a ridicat-o cu găndul de a oferi atăt cailor cazaţi aici , căt şi celor care doresc să călărească, cele mai bune condiţii de antrenament sau doar de petrecere a timpului liber.



Do not tie my head in an unnatural position,
Or take away my best defence against flies
By cutting off my tail.
I cannot tell you when I’m thirsty
So please give me pure cold water frequently.
Do all you can to protect me from the sun
And throw a cover over me
When I am standing out in the cold.
Don’t force an ice cold bit in to my mouth,
But warm it first
In some warm water, or in your hands.
I always try to do cheerfully
The work you require of me.
And day and night
I stand for hours waiting for you.
And finally my master,
When my useful strenght is gone,
Do not turn me out to starve or freeze,
Or sell me to a crucl owner
To be slowly tortured and starved to death,
But do thee my master take my life
In the kindest way.
And your God will reward
You here and here after.
You may not think me irreverent
If I ask this in the name of
Him who was born in a stable.
Feed me, water and care for me
And when the dav’s work is done.
Provide me with a clean shelter,
A clean dry bed
And a stall wide enough for me
To lie down in comfort;
Be always gentle to me, and talk to me;
Your voice often means more
To me than the reins.
Pat me sometimes that I may serve you
The more gladly and learn
To love thee. Do not jerk the reins.
And do not whip me when going up hill.
Never strike, beat , or kick me
When I do not understand what you mean,
Bun give me a chance to understand you
Watch me, and if I fail to do your bidding,
See if something is wrong
With my harness, or my feet.
Don’t draw the straps too tight.
If you insist on me wearing blinkers
To keep me from looking around, at least,
See to it that they do not press
Against my eyes.
Don’t make my load too heavy,
And, don’t leave me tied up in the rain.
Have me well shod,
Examine my teeth when I do not eat;
I may have an ulcerated tooth
And that you know is painful enough